Entwine members are committed to the sustainability of the Australian grape and wine community and account for their impacts on the environment and their communities. The Entwine Australia member register lists all current Entwine members.

Members nominate a membership level according to their progress in the program. ‘Associate members’ are usually in the early stages of participation in Entwine and submit an annual account of standard business metrics. ‘Members’ perform an annual self-assessment of their practices in addition to annual accounting and  ‘Certified members’ regularly achieve independent certification of their practices and ongoing commitment to sustainability. Details about the Entwine membership levels and business metrics can be found here. During July and August each year, membership categories may appear blank while Entwine members complete their annual membership renewal.

Please visit the highlighted business names for more information about the individual commitment of Entwine members to sustainability or contact the AWRI helpdesk for more information about Entwine Australia by telephone +61 8 8313 6600, email helpdesk@awri.com.au or visit the AWRI website .